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The Cetacean Summit

March 1-5, 2014 - Kona, Hawaii at the King Kamehameha's Kona Beach Hotel

The Dolphin Embassy Blog

Dolphin News

The Cetacean Studies Institute

Our sister site

The most advanced dolphin language research project ever undertaken.

The Ambergris Pathfinder

This is a repository of everything you could want to know about Ambergris,
the mysterious substance from the belly of Sperm Whales

Project Delphis

Dolphin Cognition research by EarthTrust, at Sea Life Park, Hawaii

The Cetacean Nation

A web site built for Dr. John Lilly before he died.
This site is large and fascinating.

DolphinEar Hydrophones

Simple and inexpensive, this allows anyone to listen to dolphins

Curacao Dolphin Therapy and Research Center

This is a Dolphin-Assisted Therapy center
whose patient families come from far and wide.
Run by DolphinAid, a financial support charity for families to access DAT,
CDTC operates the largest DAT program in the world.
The program director, Kiki Kuhnert is the mother of Timmy,
the inspiration for her book
"Every day a little Miracle: the gift of the dolphins"

Island Dolphin Care, Inc.

This is a Dolphin-Assisted Therapy center
run by Deena and Peter Hoagland in Key Largo, Florida.

Dolphin-Human Therapy

The Dolphin-Assisted Therapy center
founded and run by Dr. Dave Nathanson
the originator of DAT

The Oceania Project

The long-running standard setter,
this is one of the most elegant and benign
whale research projects in history.
Run by Trish and Wally Franklin, the Oceania Project
was directly inspired by the Legend of the Golden Dolphin.

Winter, the dolphin with the man-made tail

Her life is full, rich, meaningful, an inspiration for many.
See the upcoming Hollywood film "Dolphin Tale", about Winter,
who lives at the Clearwater Marine Aquarium in Clearwater, Florida.

Earth Vision

Spiritual ecology - taking nature to a new level

TOUCH-AWARE - Manuela Schneider

"I use Tellington-Touch to help horses achieve optimal physical, mental and emotional health
whether they are valuable performance horses or simply much loved pets."

A Telling of The Legend of the Golden Dolphin, March 6th, 2014
The Legend Of The Golden Dolphin - A Relationship
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