What we need is the lure --
the large enough vision or idea that can call us
individually and collectively
to the next evolutionary stage.
Jean Houston, Ph.D.

Moreover, if we could dredge up something forgotten
not only by ourselves but by our whole generation or our entire civilization,
we should become indeed the boon-bringers, the culture hero of the day--
a personage of not only local but world historical moment.
Joseph Campbell, Hero With a Thousand Faces

A mysterious history.
An odd tale.

"A revisionist outrage. An assault on all that is holy."

A compelling story.

"Dangerously easy to read."

"History, science, and personal experiences by the tens of thousands
lead us to an irreducible conclusion,
that dolphins and whales are highly evolved creatures
with attributes that place them in a special category.
These attributes indicate the presence of an embodied soul,
aware of itself in its limited biological form, a rare and precious state.

On our planet this advanced state is shared by humans and cetaceans alone.
All other life forms are still advancing toward self awareness and the full appearance of the soul.
It is this self-awareness that brings the divine, the spiritual essence of a being,
into the realm of living, breathing, and organic life.

Throughout history, as we have shown, the idea of self-awareness
has been associated with the dolphin.
Matsya Avatar, Oannes, Apollo, Jesus, and many indigenous traditions
point to the path of enlightened self-awareness as the way to attain
the promise of human destiny."

p. 265-6 Souls in the Sea