A Telling of The Legend of the Golden Dolphin

Shared around the world for decades, the Legend is alive, evolving, shifting and evanescent. It sounds different to each listener, it appears in different forms each time it is brought to life. In the Telling, the Legend lives, and this event will bring you and the Legend into one space in which the "Spirit of the Dolphin" will inspire us all.

The Legend of the Golden Dolphin is a historic journey thru the Dolphin-Human connection, a collection of mythic tales, historic events, cultural insights, science, and mystic revelations. The Legend weaves science from today’s understandings of biology, ethology, oceanography and comparative psychology with ancient traditional knowledge. It combines many traditions and approaches to the story of how cetaceans play a significant role in human destiny.

This will be unique, a Telling like no other. For the first time original Legend of the Golden Dolphin documents and illustrations from the Messenger who received the Legend will be available to see, read and feel.

The presentation will include audio-visual materials, artefacts from the history of the Legend of the Golden Dolphin, and films narrated by Dr. C. Scott Taylor.

As a history of the close connections between humans and cetaceans, the Legend serves to place in context all the work being done today in this vital field of interspecies interaction. The Legend affords us an opportunity to see how much has changed and how much remains the same, to see the work of many individuals and whole cultures in bringing the spirit of the Dolphins into human life. Most importantly, the Legend offers each of us a view of how our work is part of a greater effort, and highlights our role with each other.

Come along for an exciting day of adventures in the history and future of the Human-Dolphin Connection!

This is being presented at the same hotel as the Cetacean Summit, the King Kamehameha’s Kona Beach Hotel, on March 6th, from 9:00am until 3:30pm.

Lunch will be available at the hotel cafes, or one can bring a lunch. We hope to keep the lunch to 45 minutes, beginning at 12:30.

Dr. C Scott Taylor has been awarded a doctoral degree (PhD) based on his research on the social environment surrounding Dolphin-Assisted Therapy. He is considered an expert in human-dolphin relations, earning his Honours Degree with an analysis of the management of human dolphin interaction sites around the world. He is a published author (Souls in the Sea: Dolphins, Whales, and Human Destiny) TV presenter, researcher, and guide to dolphin sites around the world. He has been studying the Legend for over 30 years, sharing it thousands of times to groups large and small. He formally announced the establishment of the Cetacean Studies Institute at a retreat at Kealakekua Bay in 1996 and continues to serve as its Executive Director. He worked on several projects with Dr John Lilly, especially focused on development of the Cetacean Nation concept. He currently lives in Australia.

The images below are from The Legend of The Golden Dolphin, written and illustrated by the Messenger, Peter Shenstone.
The top image is from the main body of the Legend. The lower image is from a scroll that serves as an index to the Legend.

A Telling of The Legend of the Golden Dolphin, March 6th, 2014
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