The Legend of the Golden Dolphin

The following selections are from original documents created by its messenger, Peter Shenstone.

A few are detailed, for close examination. Most are not and are for general impression only.

For many years, actually since the arrival of the Legend in 1976, people asked if it was published. Peter's guidance was to prepare materials for personal, oral presentations. The dolphin spirit with whom he communicated recommended that he wait, saying that another medium was required, one which anyone could use to navigate through the many halls of its information, on a personal quest.

The arrival of the digital domain was forecast in these words, and now the time has come to begin sharing.

Years of collections are represented on this site, some from original Legend documents, most from elsewhere.

(See Hall of Dreams for the archives)

I have set aside most of the materials Peter created in respect for Peter's wishes. They are his to share when and as he will.


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