A Selection of images
from the original
Legend of the Golden Dolphin
hand illustrated books.

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A "Philadelphia" is a event of remembrance,
a reconnection with the Delphic Wave,
where humans once again become open to their true inner nature,
reminded by the dolphins.

In the Legend of the Golden Dolphin are two "superheroes", Aqu´us and Delphys. Here we see Aqu´us, ready for action.

Delphys, surrounded by Kooeelung and his pod.

Aqu´us and Delphys are the leaders of a youth movement,
declaring peace between the people of land and sea.

In the visor of their helmets one sees oneself reflected,
and one's role in the unfolding Legend...

A prayer of remembrance.

The central, unifying ideal
that all reincarnated Nommos hold in common:
their love of freedom.

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