Some background on the Legend...

Peter Shenstone describes the coming of the Legend in his own words:

"It all started a few days before the birth of our second child, in a little attic flat on the point between Great and Little Sirius Coves, on Sydney Harbour. I was sitting in meditation. (ed. note: October, 1976)

The energy was particularly high. Jan, my beautiful `sister´, friend, lover, `wife´ and mother of our first child, and I had been practising our own form of `psychoprophylaxis´ based on yoga postures, breath control and daily meditation in preparation for our first home birth. Thus the bonding between Jan and myself and the birthing energy had been building powerfully.

I had been sitting in my own tantric form of meditation for about an hour when out the blue--bang!--or rather --ping!!--I was filled with a booming/singing/ringing/pinging dolphin/whale voice which permeated my whole being, the room, the world. The whole universe, it seemed, consisted of this indescribable vibration. I could not move. The booming voice contiuned, and I began to `feel´ (rather than hear) meaning coming through.

Now, at this time I had been into meditation for about ten years but I had never experienced anything like this. I was transfixed.

Then for the first time in my life I experienced automatic writing (which, incidentally, until that moment I had been very doubtful about!). I thought "This is it, Pete! You've finally slipped through the crack in the cosmic egg and scrambled your brains."

I watched half in awe, half in horror as my hand picked up a pencil lying nearby and began to write at a furious pace. The writing kept going until dawn, and continued every night for almost two weeks, pouring out an incredible fantasy/story about the impending tribulation and concurrent transformation of human consciousness, the role which the cetaceans will play in those events, and my specific job as their messenger.

I was told to simply tell the story and begin to `gather´ those humans who have had similar experiences, or who respond to the cetacean's message in a positive way. (Since then I have found an amazing cross section of people who have so responded: it seems everyone has a dolphin story!)

I was specifically told not to try to `sell´ the idea to anyone, but to allow people to find their own way into this new reality of cetacean consciousness, or as my Aboriginal brother, Burnam Burnam calls it, dolphin dreaming.

I was told this would form the seed of a new global tribe of dolphin dreamers, a tribal gathering that will transcend the old barriers of race, creed, colour, ego, fear and alienation to become the new leaderless aquarian network of free beiings.

The only specific person whose cooperation I was instructed to seek was John Denver, who, I was told, would play a key role in the mass communication of the story to America. A number of those first writings were in fact letters to him.

Needless to say, that two weeks of meditation super charged with birthing energy, and the outpouring of guidance, changed my life, and our family life, totally. We moved to the Blue Mountains and now pass the time simply living, together, with the children who have gone through us, Sky, Zoe and Pia, the three sisters.

Our life is unutterably ordinary. But it is also magical. We live a very simple, satisfying life although it's not without the difficulties attendant upon abandonment of luxuries such as money, credit, insurance, cars, phones, TV, instant hot water and good sound equipment. Nevertheless all our real needs are met perfectly.

I now sit briefly for meditation with the dolphins most mornings, plug into that astonnishing communication channel to dolphin dreamland, and await guidance. The story continues to undfold as each day brings a new piece of the jigsaw puzzle to light.

We have to begun (sic) to live a legend, the legend of the golden dolphin, which simply represents the spirit of freedom, our guide through the reefs of time. Every being who enters into the dolphin tribal adventure brings their own unique contribution, and thus the legend grows, and grows....and the dream of a perfect family, a perfect brother--and sisterhood, a perfect life in harmony with each other and the world, a perfect human-dolphin tribe draws near.

Our only job on the planet now is to spread the word about dolphin dreaming and as that dream grips the human imagination, the world will turn."


From the article "Our Father...who art in water?", Simply Living
issue number 12, 1980, Avalon NSW, Australia

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