The Dolphin Embassy: The United Nations effort.

The Dolphin Embassy seeks recognition of the Cetacean Nation. The 71% of the planet surface that is ocean is inhabited by a superior type of being, with language, culture, self-awareness, and a demonstrated ability to act with benign intelligence and compassion toward all other life: dolphins, whales, and porpoises -- The Cetacean Nation.

We see a way to approach the UN via the NGOs. As lobbyists, we expect to be able to add to the discussions surrounding issues about the oceans, the Law of the Sea, environmental standards, climate change, animal rights, and other areas.

To be accepted by the NGOs, and the international community in general, the first step will be to accurately identify the constituency that we represent.

As Bono (U2) says, the powerful people of the world -- the President of the World Bank, Tony Blair, the Secretary General of the UN, etc -- do not invite him to meet with them because they care about "a spoiled Irish rock-and-roll singer, or because of any interest in my music", but because he represents an enormous audience.

We too can represent an enormous audience, one that reaches across most demographic lines, an audience that believes that dolphins and whales deserve better.

We are currently developing a plan to have stands and posters at every marina around the world where whale- and dolphin-watching boats go out, at every dolphin-swim facility, at every public aquarium, at surf shops, at fishing tackle stores, fishermens co-ops, and at every movie theatre where related movies are playing, asking people to sign on to an international statement of three major agenda points. Along with their signature we will ask for a small membership fee, to become a member of The Dolphin Embassy, Inc. (a registered non-profit association in Australia). Funds raised will be used to further the campaign, and to prove the size and commitment of the constituency (the thought is, that if someone is willing to put a few dollars toward a membership they are a more legitimate voice).

We face a few logistical challenges.

We will need upfront funds to proceed, to make the stands, posters, arrangements for money handling, etc. We need funds to cover the costs to: set up an office, an accounting system, necessary letterheads, telephone and internet accounts, etc.

Politics depends on an identified group of people who want something. If we can prove to have many millions of people from around the world wanting the three points we have developed, we will have a powerful voice as lobbyists at the UN.

Our three points are:

  1. Protection from harm. - Stop all intentional harm to whales and dolphins everywhere.
  2. Clean water to live in. - Stop polluting the oceans.
  3. A peaceful home. - Reduce to harmless levels all sounds going into the oceans.

We are interested in your comments and support. If you have professional skills to offer please Contact Us.

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